Frequently Asked Questions

LiquaCel Liquid Protein

Q: Who should use LiquaCel®?
A: Anyone looking to increase their protein intake. It is highly recommended for renal, bariatric, and wound healing individuals.

Q: Is LiquaCel® a complete protein?
A: Yes, LiquaCel® is made up of a proprietary blend of hydrolyzed collagen protein. It contains all essential and non essential amino acids.

Q: What is the potassium and phosphorus levels in a serving of LiquaCel®?
A: Each 1 oz serving contains 10mg of potassium and 20mg of phosphorus.

Q: Can LiquaCel® be mixed?
A: Yes. LiquaCel® can be taken straight, however depending on fluid restrictions we recommend diluting with 1-4 oz of water, soda water, clear diet soda, apple, grape and cranberry juice, and Crystal Light®.

Q: What is the consistency of LiquaCel®?
A: LiquaCel® is a moderately thick (nectar consistency) to comply with the FDA guidelines on water activity.

Q: What are the FDA guidelines for water activity, do all liquid protein comply to these standards?
A: Water in food which is not bound to food molecules can support the growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds (fungi). The term water activity refers to this unbound water. Food can be made safe to store by lowering the water activity to a point, <0.85, that will not allow dangerous pathogens such as Clostridium botulinum and Staphylococcus aureus to grow in it. The lower amounts of water, the better. LiquaCel® does not need to be refrigerated because our water activity is at a safe level. Use LiquaCel® with 90 days after opening.

Q: How many grams of Glycerin are in a 1 oz serving of LiquaCel®?
A: 6 grams of Glycerin, only 5% of the daily laxation threshold of 125 grams per day. Diarrhea should not be an issue. See Chart

Q: Did you removed coloring from all your current LiquaCel liquid protein?
A: Yes, all liquid protein leaving our warehouse now contains zero coloring.

Q: Why did you remove coloring from all your current LiquaCel liquid protein?
A: We are proud to announce that all LiquaCel® liquid protein now contains zero added coloring. We love hearing feedback from our customers and several acute care facilities have requested we remove the coloring to safeguard imaging procedures. Coloring can cast shadows on images, offering false readings. It will also be a more well-rounded product for all consumers!

Q: What is the osmolality of LiquaCel®?
A: 270-300 mmoles/kg

Q: How can LiquaCel® be administered?
A: Can be taken straight, however depending on fluid restrictions we recommend diluting with 1-4 ounces of your favorite beverage. Try these recipes!  It can also be mixed with other commercial nutritional supplements and shakes, as well as soft foods or through a feeding tube. Do not cook, or reheat foods/beverages mixed with LiquaCel®.

Q: Does LiquaCel® clog feeding tubes?
A: No, LiquaCel® can be used with a 30-60cc flush.

Q: Is LiquaCel® good for a clear liquid diet?
A: Yes, all flavors are good for clear liquid diet.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain sugar?
A: No, the supplement is sugar free.

Q: How much sucralose is in a 1 oz serving?
A: Each serving contains only 0.021g.

Q: Can LiquaCel® be refrigerated?
A: LiquaCel® can be refrigerated or not refrigerated. The supplement goes from a nectar to honey consistency once refrigerated.

Q: What is the shelf life of LiquaCel®?
A: LiquaCel® has a 3 year shelf life unopened and a 3 month shelf life after opening.

Q: Is LiquaCel® suitable for lactose intolerant people?
A: Yes, LiquaCel® is lactose free.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain shellfish?
A: No, there are no shellfish in this product.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain nuts?
A: No, there are no nuts in this product.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain Vitamin K?
A:  No, there is no Vitamin K in this product.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain any fruit juices?
A: No, there are no fruit juices in this product.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain iodine?
A: No, there is no iodine this product.

Q: Does LiquaCel® contain citrus?
A: For those with allergies to citrus, the flavoring in the lemonade, orange, grape and peach mango flavors may contain minimal elements of citrus. Our watermelon, apple and ginger ale flavors are safe for those with allergies to citrus. This has nothing do with the citric acid in the formula as the preservative but the citric juice that is an ingredient in the flavoring.

Q: What if I have an allergy to meat?
A: If you have a meat allergy, we do not recommend taking LiquaCel®. The protein source is collagen that comes from porcine (pig).

Q: Is LiquaCel® Kosher?
A: The protein source for LiquaCel® is from porcine (skin). The pharmaceutical Solugel has been specially prepared and certified Kosher in accordance with Jewish Law. Certification available upon request.

Q: Is LiquaCel® made in the United States?
A: Yes. LiquaCel® is made in the U.S.A.

Q: Can you bill for LiquaCel®?
A: Yes. Please Contact Us for more information

LiquaCel® billable code: B4155

LiquaCel Protein Gummies

Q: Who should use LiquaCel® Gummies
A: Anyone looking for a fun way to increase their protein intake.

Q: How many servings are in 1 bag (5og)
A: 1 serving

Q: How much protein per serving?
A: 13g

Q: How much collagen per serving?
A: 1300mg collagen peptides absorbed

Q: What is the source for the protein?
A: Beef collagen powder & pork skin gelatin

Q: Are LiquaCel® Gummies a complete protein?
A: Yes, there is added tryptophan to make it complete

Q: How much fiber per serving?
A: 6g

Q: What is the fiber source?
A: Soluble corn Fiber

Q: How sugar per serving?
A: 4g

Q: How many calories per serving?
A: 140 calories

Q: How much sodium per serving?
A: 25mg

Q: Are LiquaCel® Gummies renal friendly?
A: Yes, there is only 1.5 mg phosphorus & 30 mg potassium per serving

Q: How many LiquaCel® Gummies are there per bag?
A: 12-14 gummies per bag (50g serving)

Q: Are there artificial colors or flavors used?
A: No, all colors and flavors come from natural sources

Q: Are there artificial sweeteners used?
A: No

Q: Are LiquaCel® Gummies gluten and allergen-free?
A: Yes

Q: Are LiquaCel® Gummies Kosher?
A: No

ProCel Unflavored Whey Protein

Q: What kind of protein is ProCel®?
A: ProCel® is a high quality whey

Q: What is the shelf life of ProCel®?
A:ProCel® has a 2 year shelf life unopened and a 6 month shelf life after opening.

Q: What can I mix ProCel® into?
A: ProCel® can be added to liquids or solids, temperature of liquids and solids can be either cold or hot (not boiling). Try these recipes!

Q: Can I mix ProCel® with a carbonated beverage?
A: You can however, we recommend not using a carbonated beverage as due to the acidity of the drink the mixture will bubble up and cause a mess. While the protein will not be harmed you will lose some of the efficacy due to bubbling out of the glass.

Q: How much protein is in one serving and how much liquid is required?
A: Each 6.6g serving of ProCel® is equal to 5g of whey protein. ProCel® only requires 2-4 oz. of liquid to quickly dissolve.

Q: Can ProCel® be used with enteral feedings?
A: ProCel’s unique ability to completely dissolve in a small amount of liquid without clumping, makes it the ideal protein supplement for tube fed patients. Recommended use for tube fed patients is to add ProCel® to water flushes.

Q: Does ProCel® react with any other medication?
A: ProCel® does not interfere with the absorption or metabolism of other medications.

ProCel® Unflavored billable codes:

Product # GH80: ProCel® Cans (6/cs) 82028-0006-80
Product # GH82: ProCel® Pcks (100/cs) 82028-0100-82

PUSH Collagen Dipeptide

Q: What is collagen?
A: Collagen is the main protein of skin, tendons, cartilage, bones and most other connective tissue in humans. The tissue names and functions are varied but they have one thing in common: Very strong cords of a repeating triple helix protein called collagen.
30% of the body’s total protein is collagen which means it’s pretty important, but as we grow older the body begins to lose its collagen. At age 20, a person produces about 1% less collagen every year. This can result in the body’s structural tissues becoming weaker, softer, more brittle, less functional, etc. Research has shown that stronger, healthier tissues can be preserved through proper nutrition.

Q: What are dipeptides?
A: Specific amino acid combinations called dipeptides can also stimulate the growth of new tissue and aid in wound repair. Specifically, the dipeptide Proline-Hydroxyproline (PO) has been reported to stimulate cell proliferation, cell growth and hyaluronic acid synthesis in human dermal fibroblasts; Hydroxyproline-Glycine (OG) has been shown to stimulate the new growth of skeletal muscle, modulate cells and modulate the extracellular matrix in the skin. By concentrating bioactive dipeptides, the effects of consuming collagen are improved.

Q: What makes PUSH (Pressure Ulcer Supplement for Healing) collagen special?
A: PUSH contains up to 20 times the concentration of bioactive free dipeptides compared to conventional collagen peptides. These dipeptides are responsible for stimulating the growth of structural tissue. Multiple clinical studies have shown, that ingestion of concentrated bioactive dipeptides results in improvements to skin health, joint health, bone density, and wound healing.

Q: When it comes to wound care, why does PUSH’s unique molecular structure matter?
A: PUSH’s collagen dipeptides are very stable and have a high absorption rate into the bloodstream. A dipeptide-rich collagen is shown to be more efficient than standard collagen at stimulating wound healing. The molecular structure for standard collagen tends to be longer and less stable making it more challenging for it to make it into the bloodstream.

Q: What are the suggested serving amounts for PUSH?
A: As a hydrolyzed protein, PUSH is “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS), meaning there is no dosage restrictions when consumed as part of a balanced diet. Daily regiments up to 10g per day have been studied for 16 weeks with no adverse effects to biochemical markers. For most wounds take: 1 packet, 2 times per day minimum 4 hours apart. Mix with 2-3 oz of water or with your favorite soft foods (yogurt, applesauce, pudding, etc.) PUSH can also be added to water flushes for enterally feeding. Once all wounds are healed, continue taking once per day for a month.

Q: Who should use PUSH?
A: Anyone looking to promote wound healing: moderate & severe wounds, pressure ulcer, deep tissue wound, unstageable 3 or 4, surgical site, skin tear, abrasions, stasis ulcers & bruises.

Q: If I mix PUSH with a liquid, what are the best steps to take to ensure it dissolves?
A: Add liquid to the cup first, then add PUSH, let it sit for 15-30 seconds and then stir. The rate of dissolving varies on the liquid you are using as well as temperature.

Q: What is the shelf life of PUSH?
A: 2 years unopened.

Q: Is PUSH Kosher?
A: No.

Q: Does PUSH contain fruit?
A: Yes, both flavors contain fruit.

UpCal D Calcium & Vitamin D3

Q: What kind of calcium is UpCal D® derived from?
A: Calcium citrate, which helps achieve superior absorption. Unlike calcium carbonate, which requires stomach acid and consumption with a meal for optimal absorption, calcium citrate is not dependent on gastric acid and can be taken without food.

Q: At what age is calcium intake important?
A: Very simply, at all ages. Calcium is important to infant development, childhood development when bones are growing, during childbearing and during adulthood to keep bones healthy and strong.

Q: Who needs a daily Calcium supplement?
A: In general, research has found that girls aged 9–13 years and 14–18 years, women aged 51–70 years, and both men and women older than 70 years fall below the desirable recommended intake for calcium. Overall, females are less likely than males to get recommended intakes of calcium from food.  In addition, the following groups would benefit from a calcium supplement to help meet daily needs: Postmenopausal women, vegetarians, vegans and ovo-vegetarians, individuals with lactose intolerance and/or cow’s milk allergy.

Q: What affects calcium absorption from my diet?
A: Fiber-rich foods and plant foods containing phytic acid can negatively affect the absorption of calcium, as can caffeine. Excess fat, salt and soft drinks also have a negative effect. It is better to spread calcium intake out over the day instead of taking it all at once. Studies show that when too much calcium is in the body at once, absorption is diminished.

Q: What is calcium and why might I need more?
A: Calcium is an essential mineral that your body needs every day. Calcium plays a number of important roles in the body. A deficiency can cause numerous adverse health issues. First, calcium is the major constituent of bones and teeth. More than 98% of the body’s calcium is found in those structures. In the rest of the body, calcium supports heart function, circulation, nerve function and muscle tone.

Q: What is the shelf life of UpCal D®?
A: UpCalD® has a 2 year shelf life unopened and a 6 month shelf life after opening.

UpCal D® billable codes:

Product # GH85: UpCal D ® Packets (120 packets/box, 4 boxes/cs) 82028-0004-85
Product # GH84: UpCal D ® Cans (6/cs) 82028-0006-84

FiberCel Soluble Fiber

Q: How much fiber should I be consuming on a daily bases?
A: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends a daily amount of 20-35 gram of fiber for American adults. Unfortunately, many of us consume about half of that amount.  Equating FiberCel into your healthy diet will help ensure you are getting the fiber you need.

Q: What type of fiber is FiberCel?
A: FiberCel is a resistant maltodextrin, soluble dietary fiber, fully 90+% resistant to digestion by the human digestive system.

Q: How many grams of fiber is in each serving of FiberCel?
A: Each serving contains 5 grams of soluble fiber.

Q: Why should I chose FiberCel?
A: FiberCel is a taste and sugar-free, non-bulking fiber supplement that will dissolve in as little as 2oz of fluid. Containing no Potassium or Phosphorus making it Renal Friendly.

Q: Can I cook with FiberCel?
A: Yes, FiberCel is a tasteless, non-thickening fiber making it virtually undetectable when cooking!

Q: Are there any limitations of FiberCel usage?
A: In general there are no limitations to use. FiberCel is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) in the United States as maltodextrin. In some applications (e.g., specific baked goods, processed meats) careful consideration(s) on how FiberCel is applied may be necessary. At no time does FiberCel interfere with the sensory properties of foods to which it is added.

Q: Will FiberCel give me diarrhea?
A: FiberCel is well tolerated in the digestive system, and has a very high laxation threshold above 70 grams per day.

Q: Is FiberCel flavored?
A: FiberCel is a taste-free powder that can be added to most food and drinks without altering the texture or taste.

Q: Will FiberCel clump or gel up?
A: FiberCel was formulated to be incorporated into all types of beverages, processed foods, cultured dairy products, frozen dairy desserts, confections, dietary supplements and will not clump or gel up.

Q: Is FiberCel flavored?
A: FiberCel is a taste-free powder that can be added to most food and drinks without altering the texture or taste.

Q: What is the self life of FiberCel?
A: FiberCel has a 2 year shelf life unopened and a 18 month shelf life after opening.

FiberCel™ billable codes:

Product # GH13: FiberCel™ Cans (6/cs) 82028-0006-13

Product # GH14: FiberCel™ Packets (168 pks/cs) 82028-0168-14

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